Upper and lower GI endoscopy

For his NHS procedures, Mr Smith is part of the team at the Royal Liverpool Hospital Endoscopy Unit which is one of the most prestigious and productive units in the UK for both training and the services it offers. It performs over 12,000 Gastro-intestinal (GI) endoscopic procedures per annum and houses one of the 3 national training centres for endoscopy in the UK, (the only one based north of London). It is regarded as a Centre of Excellence. In private practice Mr Smith offers diagnostic upper and lower GI endoscopy procedures in the endoscopy suite at Spire Liverpool Hospital.

The procedures themselves can usually diagnose or exclude a serious problem within the stomach or bowel in a very short space of time. In addition an endoscopic examination of the large bowel can detect colonic polyps which can be asymptomatic but if left untreated can develop into bowel cancer. Mr Smith will usually be able to treat colonic polyps at the time of your procedure.

A further advantage of Mr Smith’s service is that he can offer rubber-band treatment of haemorrhoids at the same time as performing your lower GI endoscopy. This procedure, which is not performed by all endoscopists, can treat rectal bleeding caused by haemorrhoids without needing a formal operation.

Mr Smith is happy to discuss your individual problem and the full range of management options at either Spire Liverpool Hospital or at The Royal Liverpool Hospital, UK.

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