Colon and rectal cancer

Mr Smith is a highly trained specialist at both diagnosing and surgically treating colon and rectal cancer. He trained in some of the best colorectal cancer units in the UK and Southern Ireland, and he spent one year at the world famous Department of Colorectal Surgery at The Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA where he was also the recipient of a Surgical Fellowship.

Mr Smith is fully trained in both laparoscopic and open colorectal cancer surgery and was amongst the first wave of UK surgeons to undertake formal training in, and subsequently perform, the transanal TME procedure for rectal cancer.

Mr Smith is also an expert in non-operative management of rectal cancer – so-called Watch and Wait and has had a research interest in this area for over 10 years. This technique, which is still controversial, offers selected patients who have a good response to chemotherapy and radiotherapy the chance of deferring or avoiding a major operation with all of its incumbent risks. Watch and Wait can also be a potential means for patients to avoid a permanent or temporary stoma bag. Mr Smith works closely with The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool which has one of the largest experiences of this technique in the world.

Mr Smith is happy to discuss your individual problem and the full range of management options at either Spire Liverpool Hospital or at The Royal Liverpool Hospital, UK.

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