Rectal bleeding

Anecdotally every surgeon has a story of a patient who believed that their rectal bleeding was just due to haemorrhoids, but when they eventually sought medical attention, were found to have colorectal cancer. This is a great shame because colorectal cancer is usually more treatable if detected early. However, rectal bleeding is very common and is usually caused by benign conditions such as haemorrhoids. It is usually quick and simple to exclude colorectal cancer as the cause by performing a lower GI endoscopic examination (camera test) and this can bring huge peace of mind to patients. It is also often possible to treat some of the causes of rectal bleeding in the outpatient clinic or at the time of the initial colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy which can be done quickly, is usually painless and does not require surgery or an anaesthetic.

Mr Smith is happy to discuss your individual problem and the full range of management options at either Spire Liverpool Hospital or at The Royal Liverpool Hospital, UK.

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